Can AI Win the Battle for Cybersecurity Companies?

Here’s my topic for the month: AI in cybersecurity. From healthcare applications to online shopping personal recommendations (or even Spotify or Netflix, actually) and online banking applications, AI (artificial intelligence) is definitely a catalyst of the future and a true engine of technological progress and evolution. As for cybersecurity, it’s clear to me that AI only pushes security vendors forward, allowing us to take the fight against cybercriminals to fantastic levels.  

Benefits of AI in Cybersecurity  

Despite whatever challenges security researchers might face when introducing it into their products, the benefits of AI in cybersecurity are clearly terrific when it comes to the competitive advantage it offers in front of others on the market. AI provides the fuel for managing issues like the reactive nature of cybersecurity, the custom of many companies to rely on manual threat hunting, or even the simple reality of geographically distant IT systems (an issue that has actually become more obvious since the rise of WorkFromHome and WorkFromAnywhere models).   

Does AI change the game?   

By analyzing millions of events and detecting cyber threats that vary from malware to CEO fraud, AI and its subset, ML, excellently help cybersec vendors and their security teams

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