Celebrate the Release of Our 100th PG-Practice Machine

Celebrate the Release of Our
100th PG-Practice Machine

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Today we’re beyond excited to announce the release of the one hundredth (100th) PG-Practice machine into our production environment. To celebrate this momentous occasion we’d love to showcase some of the highlights of the PG-Play and PG-Practice labs as they evolved since their inception.


PG-Play began with only 50 machines that were originally submitted by members of the public to VulnHub. The lab itself is free-to-use, with the only requirement being a valid OffSec Platform account in order to obtain access. Through PG-Play and the Offsec Platform, students are able to easily start up and exploit the selected VulnHub machines, without the hassle and system requirements that are oftentimes required to get things operationally locally.

Handpicked VulnHub machines that we believe will make a meaningful contribution to a person’s learning journey are rotated into PG-Play on a quarterly basis, ensuring that the public has new machines to exploit. Those machines that are retired during these updates are moved to a dedicated section in PG-Practice,

Read More: https://www.offensive-security.com/offsec/100th-pg-practice-machine/