China moots additional security rules for apps that influence public opinion

China has released draft laws that will require, amongst others, mobile apps to be licensed if they provide news and go through a security assessment if they can influence public opinion. They also must adhere to cybersecurity guidelines and not endanger national security. 

The Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC) on Wednesday unveiled proposed legislation to further regulate services provided via mobile apps and ensure these operated alongside the country’s other laws, including the Personal Information Protection Law (PIPL) and Data Security Law.

Under the draft laws, operators that provided news services through mobile apps would have to obtain the licence to do so. They also must deliver such services within the scope of the licence and as permitted under the licence. The CAC, however, did not elaborate on what exactly the licence would cover. 

Operators of apps that provided news, instant messaging, and other related services must require their users to register based on their mobile number and identification card number. Users who refused to do so or who used fraudulent identification data should not be permitted to use the app. 

App operators were expected to put in place the necessary mechanisms and tools to manage user registration and accounts as well as

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