CISA publishes guide with free cybersecurity tools, resources for incident response

CISA has published a guide containing free cybersecurity resources and services that may be valuable in incident response. 

The US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) is responsible for monitoring, managing, and reducing risk to the country’s critical infrastructure. The federal agency is also known for issuing alerts relating to high-profile data breaches and vulnerability disclosures. 

Last month, CISA warned organizations to shore up their defenses in light of the cyberattacks endured by Ukraine’s government, in which IT systems were disrupted and government-owned website domains were defaced by suspected Russian cybercriminals. 

As part of an ongoing initiative to improve the cybersecurity posture of US infrastructure providers, critical services, and state to local governments, CISA has compiled a guide containing advice, resources, and links to services that can help organizations reduce their risk exposure as well as deal with the aftermath of a security incident. 

While CISA is keen to emphasize that the federal agency doesn’t endorse the resources for specific use cases, the guide is separated into categories: foundational measures, how to reduce the likelihood of a “damaging” cyberattack; the steps to take to detect an intrusion, incident response, and resources for maximizing resilience to destructive attacks.

The list contains a mixture

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