Civil rights groups launch effort to stop IRS use of 'flawed' facial recognition

Outrage continues to swirl around a proposed plan from the Treasury Department to require some taxpayers to submit to facial recognition and biometric surveillance in order to access their accounts online. The proposal faced further scrutiny after it was revealed the IRS planned to involve controversial facial recognition company in the effort. 

Fight for the Future, Algorithmic Justice League, EPIC, and other civil rights organizations launched a website — called Dump — allowing people to sign a petition against the IRS plan. 

This campaign site comes after days of criticism from privacy, justice, and civil rights groups concerned about the potential for a company like to have access to peoples’ most sensitive data.’s CEO Blake Hall faced widespread backlash for a LinkedIn post where he admitted that the company had been lying about the way its tool works. The company initially claimed it only runs a 1:1 match, but Hall revealed that it does run some 1:many matches and compares peoples’ images to a massive database, news first reported by CyberScoop’s Tonya Riley.  

Caitlin Seeley George, campaign director at Fight for the Future, said the plan to use facial recognition on taxpayers was bad from the start, and it only got

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