Cloud security is an ongoing struggle to keep sensitive data safe. Is it getting any easier?

The latest cloud security breaches show that we have miles to go as we keep fighting to keep our sensitive data safe. 

2020 marked a record number of cyberattacks. Cloud-based services have been the most common target of such attacks.

According to the State of Cloud Security 2021 report [PDF], 36% of the companies surveyed confirmed they experienced cloud data leaks in 2020. An overwhelming 83% confirmed they believed their organization was likely to be the victim of a cybercrime. 

What has changed since? Have businesses found new solutions to tackle the complex issue of ensuring cloud security

Ever since the start of 2021, there have been various attacks on services that rely on a cloud. These breaches harmed both companies and users. 

Let’s examine some of the latest cloud-based breaches, scratch the surface of cloud security and uncover the reasons as to why these attacks keep happening. 

VIP Games cloud misconfiguration 

Free gaming platform by the name of VIP Games was the victim of a cloud misconfiguration back in January 2021.

Because of the data breach, over 66,000 mobile and desktop users lost 23 million records that included sensitive data—passwords, Google IDs, email addresses, and more. 


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