Cloudflare report highlights devastating DDoS attacks on VoIP services and several 'record-setting HTTP attacks'

Cloudflare released its Q3 DDoS Attack Trends report this week, capping a record-setting quarter that saw a number of devastating attacks on VoIP services

Cloudflare researchers said they saw the several “record-setting HTTP DDoS attacks, terabit-strong network-layer attacks and one of the largest botnets ever deployed (Meris),” noting the emergence of ransom DDoS attacks on voice over IP (VoIP) service providers. The attack on left dozens of companies scrambling to deal with outages. 

The US topped the list for the second quarter in a row of countries with the most targeted companies. But Cloudflare noted that companies in the UK and Canada also shot up the list. 

Computer software, gaming, gambling, IT and Internet companies saw an average increase in attacks of 573% compared to the previous quarter.

Overall, DDoS attacks across the world increased by 44%, according to Cloudflare’s research, while the Middle East and Africa led the way with average attack increases of 80%. 

“Morocco recorded the highest DDoS activity in the third quarter globally — three out of every 100 packets were part of a DDoS attack. While SYN and RST attacks remain the dominant attack method used by attackers, Cloudflare observed a surge in DTLS amplification attacks — recording

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