Conti ransomware attack on Irish healthcare system may cost over $100 million

An Irish news outlet is reporting that the country’s healthcare system will have to spend more than $48 million recovering from a widespread ransomware attack by the Conti group that took place last year.

In a letter obtained by RTÉ, Health Service Executive interim chief information officer Fran Thompson said the costs associated with the ransomware attack include $14.2 million for ICT infrastructure, $6.1 million to pay for outside cybersecurity assistance, $17.1 million for vendor support and $9.4 million for Office 365. 

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The letter was sent to Aontú party leader Peadar Tóibín, and Thompson noted that they are projecting the end cost to be more than $100 million. That $100 million does not include the costs associated with implementing the recommendations passed down in the detailed PWC report on the attack. 

Conti attacked Ireland’s Health Service Executive in May 2021, causing weeks of disruption at the country’s hospitals. The country refused to pay the $20 million ransom.

According to RTÉ and the BBC, dozens of

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