Convicted scammer who had starring role in dispute between Russia, Israel unexpectedly deported

A convicted Russian scammer who was the focus of an international standoff was deported to his home country 14 months after receiving a long prison sentence in the U.S., Russian media reported.

Officers from Russia’s Ministry of Internal Affairs detained Aleksei Burkov at Sheremetyevo Airport in Moscow following his deportation from the U.S., the state-owned media conglomerate RIA reported on Sept. 28. The move comes after an American court sentenced Burkov to nine years in a U.S. prison after he pleaded guilty to charges related to operating two illicit web forums that hackers used to trade stolen data and pool their resources.

Israeli authorities initially arrested Burkov in November 2015, sparking a legal fight over extradition between Russia, Israel and the U.S. Kremlin officials spent years trying to convince an Israeli judge to send Burkov to Russia, where he reportedly faces separate charges. When it became clear that Israeli would put Burkov in custody of the U.S., Russian authorities apprehended an Israeli-American woman who had no connection to the case, an incident that became the subject of discussions between Russian President Vladimir Putin and former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Now, Russian authorities have charged Burkov with creating malicious software, theft

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