Couple Arrested Over Sale of Nuclear Secrets

Couple Arrested Over Sale of Nuclear Secrets

A married couple from Maryland has been arrested on suspicion of selling secret information about the design of nuclear-powered warships. 

Jonathan and Diana Toebbe, both of Annapolis, were arrested in Jefferson County, West Virginia, by the FBI and the Naval Criminal Investigative Service on Saturday, October 9. 

It is alleged that 42-year-old Naval nuclear engineer Jonathan Toebbe, with the help of his 45-year-old wife, sold information classified as Restricted Data to an undercover FBI agent who they believed was a representative of a foreign power.

The complaint affidavit alleges that on April 1, 2020, Jonathan Toebbe sent a package to a foreign government containing a sample of Restricted Data along with instructions for establishing a covert relationship to purchase more of it.

Toebbe allegedly corresponded with an undercover agent posing as a representative of that government for months before agreeing to exfiltrate Restricted Data and sell it for thousands of dollars in crypto-currency. 

After receiving a $10,000 advance payment, Toebbe and his wife allegedly arranged to leave an SD card containing the data at a pre-arranged location in West Virginia on June 26.

While his wife allegedly acted as a

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