Create a Better Employee Experience for your MSP Business

One of the best ways—if not the best way—to recruit and retain employees is to foster a great environment for your current staff, creating an experience that makes your team want to work for you, want to succeed, and want to bring in their friends.

Accomplishing those goals takes planning, investment, and patience, but the ROI is well worth it, according to Jhovanny Rodriguez, vice president and co-founder of GreenLink Networks and an executive council member of CompTIA’s Managed Services Community.

In this video blog, Rodriguez talks with Evan Longoria, Human Resources Executive at GreenLink, to share ideas about creating a better employee experience.

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The greatest impact to attracting talent and keeping your employees is to focus on the employee experience, according to Longoria. “That means creating a supportive environment that really speaks to what employees want and how they’re thinking about their experience in their work life, because if you can focus on that that’s going to keep employees motivated which is obviously contributing to your company’s success,” she said.

Added Rodriguez, “If you treat your employees well, if you have a great culture, a great

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