Creating a Cybersecurity Talent Pool from Within Your Organization

by Heather Monthie, PhD

One of the most difficult tasks of a cybersecurity leader in any organization is to find new employees to fill critical cybersecurity positions in your organization. The current state of the cybersecurity workforce means that you might not find the right person for the job. So, what can you do? Many hiring managers will outsource to a recruiter to find top candidates, who are often in high demand and may not be looking for a new position.

Another option is to develop your own pool of cybersecurity talent. You may do this by hiring internal applicants who already know your company and industry but require some cybersecurity training. Developing your own applicant pool takes a bit of time and effort from your organization’s management team, which can be well worth it in the long run.

When organizations attempt to build a cybersecurity talent pool from within, one of the most common challenges they face is determining which employees are interested in making a career change into cybersecurity and have the motivation and desire to learn a new skill. Without clearly defined pathways for someone in your organization to transition into cybersecurity, it can be difficult

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