Critical Apache HTTPD Server Bugs Could Lead to RCE, DoS

Don’t freak: It’s got nothing to do with Log4Shell, except it may be just as far-reaching as Log4j, given HTTPD’s tendency to tiptoe into software projects.

Don’t duck at the latest mention of Apache: Two critical bugs in its HTTP web server – HTTPD – need to be patched pronto, lest they lead to attackers triggering denial of service (DoS) or bypassing your security policies.

Apache, the open-source software foundation behind the Log4J logging library that’s been making for so many Log4Shell headlines, on Monday put out an update to fix the two bugs in HTTPD, which is a web server that’s right up there with Log4j in its ubiquity.

Both vulnerabilities are found in Apache HTTP Server 2.4.51 and earlier.

The first issue (CVE-2021-44790) is with the function “r:parsebody” of the component “mod_lua Multipart Parser.” As the VulDB vulnerability database describes it, “manipulation with an unknown input leads to a memory-corruption vulnerability” that “is going to have an impact on confidentiality, integrity and availability.”

VulDB also noted that the issue is reportedly easy to exploit: It is possible to launch the attack remotely. The exploitation doesn’t require any form of authentication.”

Although technical details are

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