Cryptography safe for now, but urgent need to build quantum skills

It is premature to sound the death knell for current key cryptography, but there is an urgent need now to build up skillsets in quantum computing. This will ensure nations have the right knowledge to combat potential threats when the technology becomes viable in the near future. 

And that future may play out in the next five years as market players make significant strides in the field. IBM, for instance, said it planned to produce a quantum computer capable of clocking at least 4,000 qubits by 2025. This would push the technology past experimental stage, with organisations able to deploy quantum computers within the 2023 to 2025 timeframe, IBM said. 

Such progress underscored the need to ensure there were skillsets ready to tap and support future deployment of quantum computing, said Dell Technologies CTO John Roese. 

Noting that the tech community was ill-prepared for the emergence of cloud computing, he said there were professionals skilled in traditional programming languages such as C++, but there was a dearth of relevant skillsets to leverage cloud-native architectures. 

Businesses and universities realised this and made the effort to catch up, Reese said in an interview with ZDNet. 

While the industry managed to scrape through, he urged the need to

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