CVE-2021-1815 – macOS local privilege escalation via Preferences

Apple recently fixed three vulnerabilities in macOS 11.3’s Preferences. Although we also reported the vulnerability, it was first found by Zhipeng Huo (@R3dF09) and Yuebin Sun (@yuebinsun2020). Here we present
our writeup about how we identified one of the issues, and how we exploited it.

In 2020, the team from Georgia Institute of Technology (Yonghwi Jin, Jungwon Lim, Insu Yun, and Taesoo Kim) successfully exploited Apple macOS at pwn2own 2020. They presented their six-step exploit chain at BlackHat USA 2020, and their slides are available here. They also posted a detailed writeup on GitHub along with video on YouTube.

While reading through their very detailed writeup, which also includes information about how Apple patched the various vulnerabilities they found, we noticed a mistake Apple made while patching one of the discovered issues. Specifically, Apple failed to mitigate all exploitation paths when fixing CVE-2020-9839, which affected the cfprefsd process. We discovered that privilege escalation is still possible via the cfprefsd daemon.

The cfprefsd process is responsible for setting preferences. There are normally two instances running, one responsible for setting preferences for applications which runs with normal user privileges, and one running as root which is responsible for setting system wide preferences.

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