Cyber-Incident at South Carolina School District

Cyber-Incident at South Carolina School District

A school district in South Carolina is investigating a "cyber-incident" that it says impacted hundreds of staff computers.

On October 4, some of the networks of Colleton County School District stopped operating. The unusual activity was detected by the district's information technology staff, who determined that a cybersecurity incident had occurred.

Speaking at the time of the security event, Colleton County School District coordinator of communications Sean Gruber said that because “communication remains intact for the community at large,” student instruction had not been interrupted.

“The district IT staff immediately began investigation and recovery measures and contacted a professional Incident Response and Recovery team to assist,” said Gruber.

The precise nature of the incident has not been made public, but the district has said that no physical security measures in place at Colleton County schools were affected and that district facilities remain secure.

On Wednesday, the Colleton County School Board voted unanimously at a special meeting to spend nearly $200K on keeping three cybersecurity companies on the payroll to manage the district's recovery from the incident. 

The board said that approximately 800 computers used by teaching and administrative staff were involved in the incident, and that the

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