Cyber-Thieves Raid Grass Valley

Cyber-Thieves Raid Grass Valley

A cyber-attack on a city in California has resulted in the exfiltration of personal and financial data belonging to vendors, city employees, and their spouses.

A data security incident notice published by the City of Grass Valley states that an unknown attacker was able to access some of the city's IT systems for four months last year.

The city said that the attacker exploited the unauthorized access they enjoyed between April 13 and July 1, 2021, to steal data belonging to an unspecified number of individuals.

Victims affected by the data breach include Grass Valley employees, former employees, spouses, dependents, and individual vendors hired by the city. Other victims include individuals whose information may have been provided to the Grass Valley Police Department, as well as individuals whose information was provided to the Grass Valley Community Development Department in loan application documents.

The statement does not reveal the date upon which the presence of the threat actor was detected by Grass Valley but claims that the city "immediately took steps to secure our network, contacted law enforcement, and began an investigation with the assistance of a cybersecurity firm."

A review of which files had been accessed by the threat

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