Cybersecurity Firm CEO Arrested on Suspicion of High Treason

Group-IB originated in Russia but relocated its headquarters to Singapore. Since 2015, they’ve provided information, knowledge, and statistical data to law enforcement agencies (Europol and Interpol) to aid in the fight against cybercrime.

At this time details about the accusations were not yet disclosed, but we know that a court in Moscow had decided for Sachkov to be detained for two months as a preventative measure.

Authorities carried out searches at Group-IB offices in Moscow that started early morning on Tuesday and lasted till evening.

The journalists from RTVI visited the Group-IB headquarters on Sharikopodshipnikovaya Street in Moscow.

A passenger bus and a minivan with tinted windows were parked near the building’s door, as a person was hauling items from the office to the bus.

The journalists were greeted by two armed men dressed in tactical clothing with masks on their faces at the building’s door, which did not allow media inside.

Journalists? Sorry, but we won’t let you inside, ”one of them explained politely. When asked if the building was being searched, the masked man joked: “They’re shooting a movie. Come in the morning.


What Happened?

Ilya Sachkov, Group-IB’s co-founder and CEO, was detained on suspicion of committing a

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