Cybersecurity Issues in Healthcare? Choose Morphisec

Between staff shortages and COVID variants, healthcare providers have had plenty to worry about during the past two years. Now alongside these worries, cybersecurity issues in healthcare are also putting patient care in jeopardy. Healthcare is one of the sectors most susceptible to cyber incidents, so cybersecurity issues in healthcare need to be urgently addressed. 

Cybercriminals don’t care that your organization is doing important, life-saving work. Or that when a ransomware campaign “succeeds,” the first people to notice tend to be frontline staff who can’t access vital patient records. For threat actors, all that matters is that after being hit with ransomware, at least one third of healthcare providers pay up. In 2020, the average ransom demand to healthcare institutions was $4,583,090.

It doesn’t help that healthcare providers have a rapidly expanding attack surface. The market for healthcare Internet of Things (IoT) devices is expected to double by 2025. With 53 percent of connected medical devices and other IoT devices known to have a critical vulnerability, the challenges keep mounting. 

Pivoting healthcare security towards proactive protection may seem like a tall order for some. Fortunately, prevention-focused defense is absolutely achievable if you take steps towards a zero trust architecture,

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