Cybersecurity Trends & Predictions for CISOs

Trend Micro -

Staying one step ahead of the bad guys is the best way to stop cyberattacks. Trend Micro’s VP of Threat Research, Jon Clay, provides in-depth predictions of cyberattacks and trends based on world-renowned threat intelligence, enabling you to create a more nuanced, strategic cybersecurity plan.

Cybercrime as a service

No longer lone wolves with signatures, cybercriminals are teaming up or buying access to infiltrate and ransom high-value targets. Cybercrime as a service starts with access as a service, where groups sell their residence within an enterprise to an affiliate access group, which then launches their ransomware attack from within.

Cybercriminals have also adopted tactics used by nation state attacks. By working as a team to gather extensive intelligence on their target, they can execute a smoother attack that is more difficult to detect and stop.

Attacks for N-day vulnerabilities, which are vulnerabilities that already have a patch, are also being sold and traded in underground markets. These are utilized more than zero-day vulnerabilities, as they’re easier to access for cybercriminals, and organizations often struggle with patch management.

Living off the land

The most dangerous attacks fly under the radar by using legitimate enterprise tools, such as leveraging trusted accounts to

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