Cyberserve Hijacked by BlackShadow Hacker Group to Extort Customers

BlackShadow, an Iranian state-sponsored hacking group, conducted an attack on the web hosting provider Cyberserve in order to steal customer databases and disrupt the organization’s services.

Cyberserve is a web development and hosting organization based in Israel that works with a broad range of clients, including local radio stations, museums, and academic institutions.

What Happened?

Since Friday, visitors to Cyberserve-hosted websites have been experiencing website difficulties or receiving messages saying that the website is unavailable due to a cybersecurity event.


BlackShadow, a cybercrime organization, has claimed responsibility for the Cyberserve attack and is asking for $1 million in cryptocurrencies from the web hosting provider and its clients in exchange for not exposing stolen information.

The attackers set a 48-hour deadline for this extortion demand, which began on Saturday, but they almost instantly published a sample of 1,000 documents to show that they were not playing games.

Personal information from a large Israeli LGBT site called Atraf was allegedly leaked, which in a traditional society might have significant consequences for those who were exposed.

Atraf’s team did not contact us for any deal’s yet so we collected 50 famous Israeli that were surfing and we leak their video’s.


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