Dangers of DNS poisoning and how to prevent it

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The cyberworld is constantly evolving, and with evolution comes new methods of committing crimes. DNS poisoning is one such threat that might not get the attention it deserves.

The increase in cybercrimes has impacted businesses globally while companies spend millions of dollars on preventing cyber-attacks. But, still, 68% of the business leaders feel that their cybersecurity risks are only increasing with time. Therefore, learning aspects of cybercrimes and how to prevent them is very crucial.

Hence, this article will provide information about a method of cybercrime known as DNS poisoning. Further, the article will also discuss how you can protect your devices from these types of attacks.

What is DNS Poisoning?

DNS poisoning is also known as a spoofing attack carried out by hackers who imitate another device, client, or user by poisoning the DNS. This camouflaged method makes it easy for hackers to steal information from any

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