Data-Driven DEI: Starting or Continuing Your DEI Journey? Data Can Make a Big Difference

It’s hard to make significant improvements in any area of business without the right data, and that includes making strides to improve diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) within an organization. But for technology companies, there’s still a disconnect between data and diversity. Even with awareness and desire for action, the data driven business approach still seems to be lacking.

So where does your tech company start, and how do you use data to make a difference?

Need-to-Know Basis

A great place to begin working with DEI data is to determine what knowledge gaps you need to fill. What are your goals? Perhaps you want your sales teams to better reflect your customer base—or the customers you hope to gain. Maybe you’re looking to increase the impact of existing employee resource groups or see if it’s time to create new ones. Or you might be trying to solve basic problems related to recruitment, hiring and retention.

For example, last year, Miranda Ruane, sales account executive with California-based IT management firm, vCom Solutions, headed a data-gathering initiative of the company’s new diversity committee. She aimed to confirm the suspicion, based on observation, that there was a need to diversify the company’s customer base,

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