DatPiff Data Breach Has an Impact on Millions of People, Have I Been Pwned Warns

A DatPiff data breach is currently impacting many people, as reportedly approximately 7.5 million DatPiff members’ passwords have been put up for sale online. To check if you’re one of the victims, you can use the Have I Been Pwned service.

About the DatPiff Data Breach

According to BleepingComputer, July 2020 was the first time when the DatPiff database was sold both privately and publicly on hacking forums. The database under discussion includes records of 7,476,940 members consisting of data like email address, credentials (username and password) along security questions.

Another selling attempt of the same database was noticed on November 30 when a different breach collector was using the same hacking forum to sell the information. What was interesting this time was that the passwords were dehashed, this meaning that they included emails addresses and the passwords in plaintext form.

What followed next was that a different hacker made it possible for any other threat actor to make use of the data as this released it for free.

The reason why those passwords included in the database could be cracked was that they were hashed by means of the MD5 algorithm by Datpiff. This type of algorithm stands for a

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