Defining ATT&CK Data Sources, Part I: Enhancing the Current State

Jose Luis RodriguezSep 10, 2020 · 10 min readFigure 1: Example of Mapping of Process Data Source to Event Logs

Discussion around ATT&CK often involves tactics, techniques, procedures, detections, and mitigations, but a significant element is often overlooked: data sources. Data sources for every technique provide valuable context and opportunities to improve your security posture and impact your detection strategy.

This two-part blog series will outline a new methodology to extend ATT&CK’s current data sources. In this post, we explore the current state of data sources and an initial approach to enhance them through data modeling. We’ll define what an ATT&CK data source object represents and how we can extend it to introduce the concept of data components. In our next post we’ll introduce a methodology to help define new ATT&CK data source objects.

The table below outlines our proposed data source object schema:

Table 1: ATT&CK Data Source ObjectWhere to Find Data Sources Today

Data sources are featured as part of the (sub)technique object properties:

Figure 2: LSASS Memory Sub-Technique (

While the current structure only contains the names of the data sources, to understand and effectively apply these data sources, it is necessary to align them with detection technologies, logs, and sensors.

Improving the Current Data

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