Defining ATT&CK Data Sources, Part II: Operationalizing the Methodology

Jose Luis RodriguezOct 20, 2020 · 9 min read

In Part I of this two-part blog series, we reviewed the current state of the data sources and an initial approach to enhancing them through data modeling. We also defined what an ATT&CK data source object represents and extended it to introduce the concept of data components.

In Part II, we’ll explore a methodology to help define new ATT&CK data source objects, how to implement the methodology with current data sources, and share an initial set of data source objects at

Formalizing the Methodology

In Part I we proposed defining data sources as objects within the ATT&CK framework and developing a standardized approach to name and define data sources through data modeling concepts. Our methodology to accomplish this objective is captured in five key steps — Identify Sources of Data, Identify Data Elements, Identify Relationships Among Data Elements, Define Data Components, and Assemble the ATT&CK Data Source Object.

Figure 1: Proposed Methodology to Define Data Sources ObjectStep 1: Identify Sources of Data

Identifying the security events to inform the specific ATT&CK data sources being assessed kickstarts the process. The security events can be uncovered by reviewing the metadata in the event logs that reference the specific

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