DNS Security 101: The Essentials You Need to Know to Keep Your Organization Safe

The Domain Name System (DNS), which supports the Internet presence of your company, is a centralized network run by different organizations worldwide. It comprises the operators of root and top-level domain servers, recursive name services, authoritative name services offered by managed DNS operators, and domain registrars that handle domain names.

Simply put, the DNS is a complex infrastructure without which the Internet as we know it today would not exist. And in the present digital world, with users demanding smooth and stable online interactions, DNS security has become more challenging to handle than ever. Here’s what you need to know about the topic and its importance in securing your organization.

Definition of DNS Security

The term DNS security refers to the protection measures that involve the DNS protocol. As you may already know, the DNS (Domain Name System) has not been created using a security-by-design approach.

Back when this infrastructure was invented, security threats were not prevailing, as is now the case. During those times, we were dealing with a much smaller and much more secure environment, but as its magnitude and availability increased, the more promising it started to look in the eyes of malicious actors.

Secondly, throughout time,

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