DOD Licenses Data Carver

DOD Licenses Data Carver

A digital forensics tool capable of retrieving previously unrecoverable data is now available to license from the United States Department of Defense’s Cyber Crime Center (DC3).

DC3's Advanced Carver was invented by digital forensics expert Dr. Eoghan Casey to salvage corrupted data files from almost any digital device. The tool can be used to recover digital content, including documents, databases, videos, images, and executable files, from devices such as smartphones, laptops, and cameras.

“DC3 Advanced Carver was created to maximize renderable recovered content by salvaging files and fragments that other tools miss; it eliminates false positive results typically produced by other carving tools,” said Casey. 

“The innovative design enables Advanced Carver to recover files faster by leveraging all available resources of a computer.”

Now, after securing a 20-year utility patent for the tool, DC3 are making the Advanced Carver available to state and local governments and private companies for the first time.

Those wishing to secure a license agreement with the Defense Department to use the DC3 Advanced Carver tool should contact TechLink, a national outreach center at Montana State University in Bozeman, Montana, that acts as the DOD’s national partnership intermediary for technology transfer.

TechLink’s services are provided at

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