Does someone else secretly have access to your iPhone or iPad?

The other day I downloaded a new version of the iPhone or iPad security app iVerify, and it offered a new tip for securing your device that I’d not considered before. 

It involves Face ID and the fact that it can have more than just your face enrolled.

Face ID offers a super-fast and convenient way to unlock modern iPhones and iPads, and it’s super secure.

But it’s only as secure as your passcode. If someone secretly knows your passcode (maybe they’ve shoulder-surfed you to get it), they could add their face to your iPhone or iPad and could be unlocking your device with the same ease that you’re unlocking it.

OK, so how do you tell if someone else’s face is enrolled with your Face ID?

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Tap Settings > Face ID & Passcode and enter your passcode.

If you see the option to Set Up an Alternative Appearance, then there’s only one face enrolled, and you’re OK.

Only one face enrolled in Face ID

However, if that option is not visible, there are two faces enrolled (or perhaps you enrolled your face twice). If this is that case, and you’ve not set up your device so someone

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