DomainTools Acquires Farsight Security

DomainTools Acquires Farsight Security

Farsight Security has been acquired by a domain name and DNS-based cyber threat intelligence company based in Seattle, Washington.

DomainTools announced its acquisition on Tuesday, describing the deal as “a natural extension of both companies’ long-standing partnership to deliver the market-leading DNS intelligence and real-time security telemetry needed to assess risk, map attacker infrastructure, and rapidly increase visibility and context on threats.” 

Farsight Security is a DNS intelligence and passive DNS cybersecurity data solutions provider based in San Mateo, California. The company uses proprietary technology to manage data and carry out real-time analysis.

Led by DNS inventor Dr. Paul Mockapetris and by Internet Systems Consortium (ISC) founder Dr. Paul Vixie, the company’s tech observes over 300,000 DNS resolutions per second to provide real-time actionable threat intelligence on how the internet is changing. 

DomainTools and Farsight have been working together since 2017 to deliver Farsight’s  passive DNS data via DomainTools’ Iris investigation platform.

“Over the years, DomainTools and Farsight have consistently delivered market-leading DNS intelligence and real-time security telemetry needed to defend against today’s cyberattacks,” said Vixie, chairman, co-founder, and CEO of Farsight Security. 

“We recognize the immense opportunity this acquisition presents not only for both companies, but also for our

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