Downloads in Subscriptions

A little over a month ago we released our new subscription offerings, Learn One and Learn Unlimited. We followed that up with a brief post explaining our design decisions of why the subscriptions are built as they are, and the value they offer.

We are very pleased with the response we have received, and how these subscription offerings have been embraced. As we explained in our previous posts, we constructed these offerings based on the behavior patterns of students who have successfully completed the training, and earned our Offensive Security certifications. The subscriptions provide an all-in-one solution, with one single product that provides you with everything you need to meet your training goals.

Like anything new, however, nothing is ever perfect on the first version. We received feedback from our students that we want to be responsive to, so we made a change in how the subscriptions work. You asked. We listened.

New Training Subscriptions LEARN ONE and LEARN UNLIMITED

Enjoy flexible learning options with the new Offensive Security Training Library subscriptions – Learn One and Learn Unlimited

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Introducing Downloads in Subscriptions

As explained, we believe that accessing our training material through our new OffSec Training

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