DuckDuckGo Allows Microsoft Trackers Despite No Tracking Policy – Researcher

The privacy-oriented search engine and browser provider DuckDuckGo has received flak after a researcher identified Microsoft Trackers in the company’s “private” web browser.

DuckDuckGo (DDG) has always promoted and marketed itself as a privacy-centric company that refrains from adding trackers to its products. The company boasted about launching a Private browser with default tracker blocking capabilities.

However, now, research revealed that the browser offers restricted tracking protection, and there are certain loopholes left to facilitate advertising data requests from Microsoft.

It is worth noting that Microsoft is a syndication partner of DuckDuckGo. Since the companies agree on syndicated search content, the DDG browser allows Microsoft trackers on 3rd party websites.

Research Revealed Disturbing Facts

According to researcher Zach Edwards, who shared his startling findings on the DuckDuckGo browser on Twitter, he discovered that DuckDuckGo’s mobile browsers didn’t block ad requests from Microsoft scripts as well as non-Microsoft web services.

When Edward examined the browser data flow on, he learned that although DDG informed its users about blocking Facebook and Google trackers, it allowed Microsoft trackers to receive data flows linked with the user’s browsing activities on a non-Microsoft site.

For your information, DuckDuckGo is a search engine that claims

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