Ecoflow Delta Max: Battery-powered generator can get you through most power outages

Image: Ecoflow

What if you could have an emergency generator that didn’t require gasoline, could be used inside the house without fear of asphyxiation, didn’t make a mess, and was far, far quieter than a traditional gasoline engine? If you live in an area prone to power outages, it could be a game changer.

The key is switching from gasoline technology to battery technology. Yes, there are a few disadvantages to battery technology (like you can’t just fill it back up), but in the main, battery generator technology opens the door to, literally, opening the door and bringing that generator inside your house.

As someone who’s lived through multiple week-long power outages in Florida, and a recent set of shorter outages due to wild fires in Oregon, I’m very interested in battery generators as an option.

While a whole-house integrated gasoline generator is probably the best choice, it’s also gobsmackingly expensive. To install such a thing, you need to have a team of contractors put in a concrete pad, merge the generator into the house’s electrical system, and install a very permanently-mounted generator. Back in Florida, I test-priced such a thing. When I found that the base cost

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