Elastic releases limitless security tool

Australian Cybersecurity Magazine -

Elastic has released a free and open Limitless Extended Detection and Response (XDR) solution.

 Tony Katsabaris, AVP, Australia & New Zealand at Elastic (pictured), notes that, “The launch of Elastic Limitless XDR comes at a time when cyber security is high on the agenda for the Australian government and businesses. Sophisticated adversaries are multiplying and the attack surface for businesses is changing rapidly as they become digitalised, enabling adversaries to infiltrate, test and target weak points more easily.

 Businesses need a different approach to protect themselves from cyber threats. Security is fundamentally a data and search problem and by providing limitless ingestion of all types of data from all types of sources to enable limitless security analysis at manageable costs, Elastic is equipping practitioners at businesses of all sizes to prevent, detect, and respond to sophisticated attacks before damage is done.”

 Elastic Limitless XDR stops threats at cloud scale on a single

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