Email Phishing and Malware | Bitdefender Earns Top Marks in VBSpam Test

Bitdefender has once again earned the top ranking for email phishing, malware and spam removal from the premiere online publication for anti-virus information and resources, Virus Bulletin. Virus Bulletin regularly features analyses of the latest virus threats, articles exploring new developments in the fight against viruses, interviews with anti-virus experts, and evaluations of current anti-malware products.

What is phishing?

According to a NextGov survey, 73% of organizations have suffered data breaches caused by phishing attacks in the past calendar year. Phishing is an online scam where threat actors impersonate actual organizations via email, text message, advertisement, or other means to steal sensitive information. This is usually done through a link that will appear to take you to a company’s website to fill in your information – but the website is a false reproduction and the information provided goes straight to the thieves behind the scam.

Phishing is a take on the word fishing. Cyber criminals will entice users with “bait” (the copycat email, website or ad) hoping they will interact by providing information – such as credit card numbers, account numbers, passwords, usernames or other valuable information.

VBSpam phishing and malware email security test

The VBSpam test

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