Emerging Tech Predictions for 2022: From Blockchain (Cryptocurrency and NFTs) to IoT (XR and UX)

Nobody calls up an MSP or solution provider and says “Hi, I’d like to buy some more blockchain and internet of things please.” And yet both technologies increasingly are the foundations for innovative solutions capable of solving a multitude of customers’ business problems. Which means they represent a big opportunity for tech companies who can integrate the technologies into their current portfolios.

There’s been a lot of activity lately around both blockchain and IoT within businesses, and even more is expected this year. With that in mind, we asked members of CompTIA’s Blockchain Advisory Council and IoT Advisory Council for their thoughts on what to expect in 2022. Here’s what they had to say:

NFTs Evolve to Represent More Than Digital Art

“Next year, we’ll see the evolution of NFTs.  Today, people are thinking of NFTs as digital art and its metadata.  This is just the start, NFTs can represent any unique digital asset.  So, what does this really mean? It means everything from birth certificates to property deeds will be stored on a blockchain [providing an immutable record of these unique assets].” – Barry Mosakowski, blockchain architect

Extended Reality Innovations in IoT Improve Collaboration, More

“In 2022, I expect

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