Fake domains offer Windows 11 installers – but deliver malware instead

Security researchers have found a new collection of phishing domains offering up fake Windows 11 installers that actually deliver information-stealing malware. 

Cybersecurity firm Zscaler said that newly registered domains appeared in April 2022 and have been designed to mimic the legitimate Microsoft Windows 11 OS download portal. 

‘Warez’ sites containing pirate material, including software and games, are notorious as hotbeds of malicious malware packages, including Trojans, information stealers, adware, and nuisanceware. 

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Cracked forms of software are on offer for free and users who download the software are usually trying to avoid paying for software licenses or gaming content. A brief scan of active warez sites reveals listings for Windows, macOS, and Linux applications, including Adobe Photoshop, various creative applications, enterprise versions of Windows software, and a host of films and games. 

However, if you risk the download, you might be opening your machine up to infection – and the same applies if you download software you trust from a suspicious web address.

Image: Zscaler

In the case documented by Zscaler, Vidar is spread by the threat actors

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