FCC mulls over new rules demanding carriers block spam robot texts at network level

The US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is due to consider a new proposal to clamp down on robot texts.

On October 18, FCC Acting Chairwoman Jessica Rosenworcel unveiled a new set of proposed rules that would force wireless carriers to block illegal robot texts, potentially at the network level. 

According to the chairwoman, the US regulator received roughly 14,000 complaints from consumers concerning unwanted, robot texts in 2020. So far, the commission has received over 9,800 complaints, which suggests that this is a rising trend that needs to be tackled alongside robot calls. 

Research conducted by RoboKiller found that spam text message rates in the US are far higher than the rate of complaints received by the FCC, with an estimated 7.4 billion spam SMS messages sent in March alone.

Robocalls and robotexts are often pushed out to consumers for the same purpose: to lure them into scams — such as insurance claims or, more recently, coronavirus-themed services — as well as to share Personally identifiable information (PII), banking details, or to visit malicious and fraudulent websites in phishing campaigns. 

Rosenworcel said that if the proposal is accepted, mobile carriers in the United States would be required to protect customers from

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