Fields of application of artificial intelligence

At present, it is difficult to find a field of work for people in which different mechanisms and machines are not used that facilitate human labor. Probably, soon the number of such units will increase significantly, and they will be used almost everywhere. And above all, hopes for a qualitative leap in their development are associated with artificial intelligence (AI).

The widespread introduction of AI systems is associated with three main points:

The ability to automate almost any action that previously required the presence of a person. For example, automatic metalworking machine tool systems. Ability to process and analyze huge amounts of data and calculate options for a large number of variables. There is no influence of the human factor, that is, it is independence from mood, personal problems, and emotions that are inherent in people.

As a result, we have almost unlimited scope for using AI.

Features of the use of AI

Naturally, many nuances of using artificial intelligence are associated with the specifics of each individual system and the tasks it solves. But there are general considerations for virtually every application of AI.

The presence of errors in the work. This factor cannot yet

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