Finalsite says no data stolen during ransomware attack affecting 3,000 US public schools

Education software provider Finalsite said on Monday that no data was stolen during a ransomware attack that started on January 4

Finalsite provides website services to thousands of public schools across the US and the attack took place at a particularly inopportune time. As schools braced for snow days and potential COVID-19 disruptions on Friday, officials found their websites and email systems out of commission, making it more difficult to communicate changes with parents. 

“Examples of usage to avoid include sending email/notifications, workflows, relying on calendar and athletic alerts, uploading data, etc.,” the company said on January 7. On Sunday, the company said that all client websites are back online.

Finalsite CEO Jon Moser told reporters on Monday that the company has hired data privacy attorneys at Mullen Coughlin LLC and cyber forensic investigators at Charles River Associates to help with the recovery process. 

Moser explained that they now know which ransomware group conducted the attack and have “achieved containment of threat actor activity.” They know how the ransomware group got in and said they “have found no evidence that client data has been viewed, compromised or extracted.”

The company said it primarily holds “publicly-facing information found on school and district websites” but some customers use the

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