Firewalla launches Purple: Its must-have network security device

Image: Firewalla

Firewalla is expanding its product lineup today with its fourth network security device. As is the case with each product in Firewalla’s lineup, the $319 Purple takes a different approach to provide an extra layer of security to your home network. 

In addition to two gigabit Ethernet ports on the Purple — a device that’s roughly the size of a Raspberry Pi — the Purple can also be used to create a short-range Wi-Fi network when you’re working in a coffee shop or a hotel while traveling. 

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You can use the Purple as a router at home. You can also set it up between your modem and router to monitor your traffic, look for malicious websites, and send you alerts via the Firewalla iPhone or Android app. 

I’ve now used every Firewalla device available, and they all do exactly what is advertised. With Purple, I was able to migrate the settings and rules I had set up from when I tested Firewalla Gold, and the Purple was up and running in a few minutes. That includes my ad blocking and routing rules, along with VPN and

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