Five Ways to Optimize and Diversify Your Workforce

Many companies are facing persistent skills gaps and workforce shortages. With women and other underrepresented groups leaving jobs en masse and more job postings every day, businesses are certainly feeling the strain. To help build a resilient pipeline and augment the workforce, CompTIA has made development of the tech workforce a critical objective with more comprehensive diversity, equity and inclusion efforts, according to executives during a “How CompTIA Can Help You Optimize Your Business with the Most Innovative Workforce” session at CompTIA’s Communities & Councils Forum.

Provide Opportunities for Younger Females with TechGirlz

One group that is commonly underrepresented in tech is women. Deloitte shows that only 24% of the technical workforce was comprised of women in 2021. Girls have statistically shed away from technology, a problem that has been shown to begin in middle school. Peer pressures, developmental strains, and reinforcement of traditional gender roles such as passivity, have historically made it more difficult for females to seek out curriculum and job roles in technical fields. CompTIA’s TechGirlz is seeking to change that.

Amy Cliett, senior director of program operations with TechGirlz, describes how the group is setting the stage for female advancement with their middle school program.

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