Following the 2020 Hack, Twitter Security Keys Should Be Used By the Company’s Employees

As a response to the Twitter hack that happened last year, the American social networking service put in place the compulsoriness of the MFA (multi-factor authentication) use and also ensured the security keys roll out for all its employees.

Rolling Out Twitter Security Keys

Nick Fohs and Nupur Gholap, the first being Senior IT Product Manager at Twitter and the latter having the Senior Security Engineer position said in a report from Wednesday, October 27, the fact that the company managed to determine its workforce migrate from legacy 2FA to security keys and this was possible in less than 3 months.

Over the past year, we’ve accelerated efforts to increase the use of security keys to prevent phishing attacks. (…) We’ve also implemented security keys internally across our workforce to help prevent security incidents like the one Twitter suffered last year.


What Efforts Associated with 2FA and Security Keys Has Made Twitter Over Time?

As the years have passed by, Twitter directed its focus on two-factor authentication and security keys.

According to BleepingComputer publication, here is an overview of what security measures Twitter implemented:

In 2018, security keys were implemented by Twitter representing one of the various 2FA

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