From Minor Role to Mission Critical: Cybersecurity Trends in Managed Services for 2022

As we continue to cast an eye on the MSP of the future, the topic of cybersecurity, in all its twists, turns, and frustrations, cannot be ignored. What might have been a minor part of an MSP’s portfolio previously is rapidly evolving as mission critical to both continued competitiveness and legitimacy of the business. Bottom line? No customer engagement around technology and business solutions should occur without a dose of cybersecurity acumen included.

Consider just a few stark statistics from CompTIA’s 2021 State of Cybersecurity report:

As that report details, the threat landscape continues to grow in both volume of attacks and the variety of methods used by cybercriminals. A single data breach could cost a company millions of dollars along with massive amounts of time and a severe blow to reputation. Malware and viruses are still a major concern, made worse by new types of attacks that exploit other holes in a company’s defensive strategy. Supply chain attacks, such as those impacting Solarwinds in late 2020 and Kaseya more recently, continue to proliferate, while ransomware’s insidious modus operandi moves apace as well. These malicious-style attacks run in parallel to the all-the-more-common threat of benign human error that upends cybersecurity

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