Gamification of Ethical Hacking and Hacking Esports

Joseph Carson, Chief Security Scientist and Advisory CISO at Delinea, explores why gamified platforms and hacking esports are the future.

While ethical hacking is by no means a new or groundbreaking practice, the scale at which organizations and individuals are undertaking such initiatives continues to intensify, especially considering recent events such as the log4j vulnerability.

Traditionally, ethical hacking is undertaken by organizations who are looking to uncover security gaps which exist within their corporate network and on company devices. It is a process which can help identify areas in need of immediate patching or remediation, ultimately reducing attack surface and keeping company data safe from ill-intended attackers. However, this is only one advantage to ethical hacking. Another benefit is the education and upskilling of cybersecurity professionals.

As someone who has spent the last two decades creating content to help educate the wider cybersecurity community on the latest risks and threats, I can honestly say that one of the biggest challenges that persists in our industry is continuing to accelerate the learning path of cybersecurity professionals, beyond university and self-education. The reality is that cybersecurity textbooks become outdated almost immediately.

New technologies with unique security controls emerge

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