Getting military veterans jobs in IT and cybersecurity

About 200,000 service members leave the military each year. For veterans who aren’t ready or don’t want to retire yet, the next mission is often the search for a civilian career. Many veterans have years of professional training and real-world experience in information technology and cybersecurity.

The US alone had nearly 500,000 available cybersecurity positions in March 2021. Veterans from all military branches and career fields bring a wealth of skills and attributes to the table. These characteristics include leadership skills, teamwork, integrity, and maintaining composure under pressure. 

But veterans face challenges in entering the civilian workforce. Hurdles include networking with civilian job contacts and translating military experience and skills to civilian language and roles.

If you’re a veteran, know someone who is, or are in a position to hire people for information technology or cybersecurity jobs, continue reading for guidance on how veterans can connect with civilian IT and cybersecurity opportunities.

How can you prepare for a civilian career?

In short: Start early. 

Retirement timeline and prep

Active-duty military members can retire after 20 years. Service members on track for retirement or whose military contract is set to expire can begin the process 24 months ahead of their transition date. One year before transitioning, service members

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