Ghostwriter Disinformation Operation Linked to Belarus

Ghostwriter Disinformation Operation Linked to Belarus

Security researchers have linked the notorious state-sponsored Ghostwriter cyber-espionage and disinformation operation to Belarus for the first time.

An extensive report published yesterday noted threat intelligence and forensics firm Mandiant linked the UNC1151 group with “high confidence” to the Belarusian government. It has been said in the past that UNC1151 provides “technical support” to Ghostwriter.

“This assessment, along with observed Ghostwriter narratives consistent with Belarusian government interests, causes us to assess with moderate confidence that Belarus is also likely at least partially responsible for the Ghostwriter campaign,” the report claimed.

“We cannot rule out Russian contributions to either UNC1151 or Ghostwriter. However, at this time, we have not uncovered direct evidence of such contributions.”

It was thought previously that Ghostwriter was a Russian-sponsored entity. However, joint collaboration on the long-running campaign is possible, given the two countries’ shared goals and close ties, Mandiant said.

The Ghostwriter group had focused its efforts up until 2020 on anti-NATO narratives designed to strain ties between Lithuania, Latvia and Poland. Mandiant said 22 out of the 24 disinformation campaigns it observed fell into this category — including false allegations of the deployment of nuclear weapons, NATO troops spreading COVID-19,

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