Globant admits to data breach after Lapsus$ releases source code

Globant has admitted to a data breach after notorious hacking group Lapsus$ allegedly leaked the firm’s source code.

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Globant is an IT and software development giant headquartered in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Founded in 2003, the company caters to a global customer base and operates Globant X, an innovation incubator.

On March 30, Lapsus$ came back from a ‘vacation’ with a new victim pinned in the hacking group’s Telegram chat: Globant. The cybercriminals are alleged to have compromised the tech giant’s system, stealing credentials and intellectual property.

Lapsus$ then published a torrent containing approximately 70GB of data, allegedly including source code belonging to their latest victim.

In response, Globant said in a statement that a “limited section of our company’s code repository has been subject to unauthorized access.”

“According to our current analysis, the information that was accessed was limited to certain source code and project-related documentation for a very limited number of clients,” Globant says. “To date, we have not found any evidence that other areas of our infrastructure systems or those of our clients were affected.”

Globant added that an investigation is underway and the firm is “taking strict measures to prevent further incidents.”


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