Good News! A Free Decryptor for BlackByte Ransomware Has Just Been Released

We know you are tired of reading about ransomware attacks, ransoms, and impacted organizations every single day, that’s why we are so glad to tell you the good news of the day: victims of BlackByte ransomware can now decrypt and get back their files as a free decryption tool has just been made public.

As explained in this article, ransomware is a sophisticated piece of malware (malicious software) that encrypts all the data on a victim’s PC or mobile device, blocking the data owner’s access to it.

After the infection happens, the victims receive a message telling them that a certain amount of money must be paid (usually in Bitcoins) in order to get the decryption key. Normally, there is also a time limit for the payment to be completed, otherwise, the files could be lost forever.

A Quick Look Into BlackByte Ransomware

Just like its other ransomware fellows, BlackByte targets its victim’s files by applying encryption to them. Afterward, the BlackByte ransomware victims usually receive a ransom note on their computer screen, which says that they have to pay a ransom in order to have their files decrypted.

According to BleepingComputer, this ransomware began attacking corporate victims all over the world a few

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