Google reveals 'Topics' cookie replacement, acknowledges FLoC was problematic

Google has provided new information on the end of the troubled development process for the FLoC (Federated Learning of Cohorts) it had hoped to use as a replacement for cookies, and it has done so as part of its reveal of another proposed replacement: Topics. 

The search giant’s first attempt to replace the third-party cookie with its own technology was met with staunch opposition from some, a wary eye from others, and very little positive feedback. It originally committed, in early 2021, to ending third-party cookie support within its Chrome browser in 2022. At that time, Google intended for FLoC to replace cookies with a new technology which it claimed was far more anonymized and still able to yield conversion rates of 95% for every ad dollar spent. 

Obviously, things didn’t work out quite as the company had hoped. It eventually ended the development of FLoC in July 2021, around the same time it announced that Chrome would continue supporting third party cookies until at least mid-2023. The company had remained cagey on how it planned to move forward with its still-extant plans to replace the cookie until now. 

Dubbed simply “Topics,” the new technology aims to track users anonymously using a new

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